Columns & QuickWrap

Columns & QuickWrap
PVC Column Wraps

The Transformation is Amazing

The column wrap can transform an ordinary post into a beautiful and elegant presentation for any style of home. Fabricated from our maintenance-free Cellular PVC and available in 11 styles, Fypon's PVC Column Wraps provide classic style with today's performance.

Elegant and easy to install around an existing structural support, Fypon Column Wraps allow you to add the sophistication of traditional columns near the end of a building project - protecting columns from incidental damage on the job site. Our unique design makes installation a breeze, and all of our column wraps are sold as a kit with everything you need to complete your project.

So, if you need to add a special touch to a new job or cover an existing eyesore, trust Fypon to have the right product for your next project.

Features and Benefits:

Our new patent-pending, semi-assembled, two-piece design cuts installation time to around 15 minutes and and allows for more installation flexibility than competitive products.

Installs around the support structure so the integrity of the column is not dependent on the structural post. If the structural post starts to twist, the column wrap will not. Allows for flexible positioning - our unique design has the installation cleats on the exterior of the column, which provides room around the support post. This allows for positioning adjustments to align several columns in a row or to allow for positioning close to a porch edge. Available in multiple styles suitable for both interior and exterior applications

Constructed of durable PVC that won't rot, chip or flake, and covered by a limited lifetime warranty